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CSR Racing 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

CSR Racing 2: Driving Tips

The perfect start in CSR-Racing
The perfect start in CSR-Racing 2
To master CSR Racing 2 racing with confidence, it takes some practice. These tips make it easier for you to cross the finish line first. If, however, it does not work after several attempts, do not let it get discouraged and dedicate yourself first to other events to improve your car. Not all races in CSR Racing 2 are immediately available.
  • The start of each race in CSR Racing 2 is crucial. For a perfect start, you can pass the gas and let go at the right moment. This moment varies from vehicle to vehicle, however, is mostly between the countdown displays “1” and “2”. Each player has his own technique here.Experiment a little.
  • When switching, do not pay attention to the speedometer. Concentrate completely on the points next to the speedometer and switch up as soon as the green point lights up.
  • The perfect time to activate the Nitro depends on your vehicle. We recommend activating the boost in the third gear. If you activate it earlier, your boost will be lost in shifting between the low gears. If you activate the boost later, you will not be able to fully extend it to the target line.

So you should do CSR racing 2 cars

Tuning in CSR Racing
Tuning in CSR Racing 2
Without your car, CSR Racing 2 can not get any farther in the game. With these tricks you get a car quite quickly, with which you also show the boss-opponents your rear lights.
  • In the long run, concentrate on the expansion of the nitro system when you are doing it. A well developed nitro system gives you an extreme feed for a short time. However, do not neglect the tuning of the tires, since otherwise your vehicle can not transfer the boost to the road. The tires then turn through.
  • If you just do not want to want to continue in a race but do not have to wait long on the expensive nitro system, you can also do the other properties to get to the fast success.

CSR Racing 2: With these tricks your money bag remains filled

Special Offer: Save 70%
Special Offer: Save 70%
In CSR Racing 2 you can spend a lot of money. If you do not want to invest real money into the virtual gold coins of the game, smart economy is required.
  • Invest as early as possible in vehicle stickers. These sponsored stickers, which can be added under “Appearance”> “Paint Shop”, will vary depending on the sticker purchased, depending on the sticker purchased, so the purchase of the sticker has usually paid off after four to five victories.
  • When buying a new vehicle, always wait for a special offer from your agent. This will save you 70% on purchase. These offers usually take place every two to three tank fillings. CSR Racing 2 hacks
  • Take part in daily racing daily. So you can easily get money, as the winning bonuses increase by every day played.

Are there cheat codes for CSR Racing 2?

A changed system time ensures a full tank
A changed system time ensures a full tank
With all the expensive cars and the few available financial resources, the question of cheats comes up. On the net some rumors and videos circulate to alleged cheats. But which work?
  • The only real “cheat” that we can confirm is based on the system time of your device to advance the game a later time. So your tank is refilled and an uninterrupted playing experience is allowed. Likewise, you can already play the daily races of the next days and increase the winning bonuses without having to wait.
  • We strongly advise against using any cheats for free gold or similar on the net. Apart from the fact that these are mostly fake or malware, the use of such cheats is simply forbidden.CSR Racing 2 is financed by in-app purchases, so the use of such cheats gives the company an economic damage.
  • However, if you run out of gold or fuel, you can add up your stocks in a completely legal and uncomplicated way by linking CSR Racing 2 to your Facebook account or viewing an advertising clip in the options. CSR Racing 2 offers various options here.