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Asphalt Xtreme (App for Windows 10 & 8)

Brief description

In the off-road racing game “Asphalt Xtreme”, you control one of over 35 different vehicles across the road. Whether you choose a muscle car, a monster print or a SUV, the process remains the same: you have to get ahead of the competition to be the first to reach the goal. With speed boosts, stunt ramps and rempots, try to take the lead. After each won stage, you have the option to upgrade or change your car.The courses will take you through the dense jungle of Thailand, the icy glaciers of Norway, the twisted industrial parks in Detroit and the sand dunes of Egypt. Asphalt Xtreme Hack

Screenshot 1 - Asphalt Xtreme (App for Windows 10 & 8)Screenshot 2 - Asphalt Xtreme (App for Windows 10 & 8)

Screenshot 3 - Asphalt Xtreme (App for Windows 10 & 8)Screenshot 4 - Asphalt Xtreme (App for Windows 10 & 8)

About Asphalt Xtreme (App for Windows 10 & 8)

Gameloft is re-launching its popular asphalt series and is now launching an off-road version with Xtreme. Even the name could suggest, asphalt Xtreme also plays off asphalted roads. At the start are already at the beginning with market start of the game already 35 vehicles of the genus “monster” integrated, so at least describe the developers in the app description. Including cars from the categories Buggy, SUV, Pick-Up, Rallye and others.

It goes without saying that Gameloft has once again been able to get the cars from genuine brands, so you have the cars from Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet, Jeep, Ford and some other brands licensed. For me in any case important, otherwise comes with me seldom play fun. Just as authentic are the environments where you can race your races around the world.

Numerous game modes are also available on Asphalt Xtreme, there is also the classic singleplayer and, of course, a multiplayer in real time. Nearly 700 MB will be due for the game, freemium available in Google Play Store